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Our son began seeing Dr. Susan Miller during the summer after 2nd grade.  When he started with her he could read only a few words and could not read even first-grade text.  Most troublesome, he did not enjoy reading because it was so difficult. Once he began working with Dr. Miller he began to improve immensely.  She was able to zero in on the roadblocks and move him past them.  She taught him in a stress-free manner and was extremely patient.  He now loves to read.  Every time I see him immersed in a book, I am thankful for Susan!

R.H., Belmont, MA

Dr. Miller works with students in all grades, individualizing instruction to students’ strengths and needs. Dr. Miller provides structured tutoring within a relaxing atmosphere, working both inside and, weather permitting, outside.  Dr. Miller has found that her dogs provide a soothing presence during instruction.  Dr. Miller currently has two Italian Greyhounds.

As a 19 year old female from the Newton school system I still wasn’t able to read properly and I would always keep that secret from everyone.  When I was in high school I was taught reading by a math teacher twice a week, but she did not have the ability Susan had.  I felt very comfortable telling Dr. Miller that I couldn’t read and she didn’t judge me for it.  She taught me every skill that I know now.  I am able to do things now that I couldn’t do before.  I liked the environment that I was being taught in.  It was very cozy.  Starting from scratch, all over again, to learn how to read, was difficult but when she showed me the tools that I needed to learn it opened up many doors.  Now I am working and living a very happy life.  I thank her so much for that.

Ava F. McCarthy, Newton, MA

Dr. Susan Miller’s private tutoring stands apart from others because she isolates an individual's weaknesses and tailors a successful lesson that conforms to an individual's needs. Dr. Miller was able to quickly understand and dissect our daughter’s learning style in order to help her break old habits and establish stronger skills for academic success. 

We are very pleased with our daughters’ progress and academic success. Dr. Miller enjoys her work and her passion for learning is infectious!


Mary Beth Johnson & Andy Netburn, Newton, MA

I was the worst; running around the classroom, throwing tantrums, throwing pens and pencils, a nine-year-old nightmare. I was bright, funny, rambunctious, and nobody could understand why I couldn't read. Dr. Miller sat with me until I learned to read, until I learned to keep my letters between the lines, until I learned to keep my butt in the chair. It wasn't easy for either one of us.  I think I jumped up on my chair and screamed "you're fired!" once. I was angry, I knew I was behind my classmates and I couldn't stand reading the "baby books" they'd left behind. Dr. miller never gave up. She saw my frustration, so she had me work on new books, books about pirates and history, books that were easy to read but contained grown-up subjects. The new books worked, turns out I was just bored with the easy stuff. Once I found books I liked I started reading and never stopped. 

  That was over a dozen years ago. I'm finishing college now. I've read hundreds of books, I read a couple every week. I'm a published fiction writer, I'm in a book and a few magazines. Books are my life now; reading is the first thing I do when I wake up and it's often the last thing I do before I go to sleep. Thank you, Dr. Miller. 


-Charlie, formerly from Boston, MA; currently attending college in California.

Because our daughter had her learning disabilities documented as a preschooler, we were dismayed that the early interventions, special classes and tutors that were provided were unable to help her become a successful reader.  As an eighth grader she read at a second grade level!  That was when we met Dr Miller.  Dr. Miller’s unyielding determination and vision was clearly and calmly communicated to our daughter and together they began a new chapter. To say that her kindness, insight and professionalism changed our daughter’s life is an understatement.    Her work has made our daughter a lifelong reader.   We are forever in her debt.

D.C., Newton, MA

Kaila: Susan made learning number facts and problem solving easy and fun. I don't worry about getting the "right answer" any more because I can do the math.  Now I just concentrate on solving the word problem.

Barbara: Kaila's mastery of basic number facts using Susan's methods gave her confidence in her math ability.  In the following school year Kaila not only excelled at math, she achieved advanced on her MCAS test.

Barbara G., Jamaica Plain, MA

Dear Susan,

Many many thanks for helping P. in so many ways over the past year.  He has thrived under your tutelage!  You have an amazing repertoire of skills and have given P. so much confidence.  I am so glad that you can continue working with P. during the upcoming school year.

A., Cambridge, MA

Dear Susan,

I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your hard work with Jackson.  There is no doubt that he benefitted so  much from all the different tools you taught him.

Thank you for your open communication and dedication to Jack.  He is so much more honest and confident about his dyslexia because of your support.  We owe you a great deal for that. 

Kathy, Boston, MA

Dear Susan,

M. and I hardly know how to thank you.  I am reminded of a clinical supervisor of mine who was fond of using what she called, “a textual metaphor.”  There are so many times in life where the text requires a comma, semicolon, period, or an exclamation point - a time to pause and reflect.  This most certainly is one.  Perhaps a semicolon makes sense in so far as the text is most likely unfinished.  T. can remain in connection with you and we can reach out to you again if and when needed.  However, much consideration must be given to the exclamation point because we wish to express our gratitude with much feeling!  As you well know, at times parents can become desperate in their desire to provide a child with what is truly needed to empower the child towards his potential.  At times, we felt that desperation.  T has so much potential and we were frightened that it might remain locked inside of him and that his frustration would cause much damage.  We were so blessed to have found you and privileged to be in a position to engage your help.  We marvel at your capacity to be firm, kind and loving.  We realize that this comes from many years of study, teaching and devotion to children;  building knowledge and integrating an understanding of child development, teaching and learning.  But it is more fun for us to simply think of you as the reading and writing whisperer!  Also, of course, we will never forget your creative, generous rock climbing intervention.  Thank you so much for everything.

M. and J, Arlington, MA.

June, 2016


Susan, How can I ever express to you the gratitude we have for your love, dedication and brilliance.  We brought yto ou a fragile lost little boy.  You know our despair and heartache as we watched D. struggle every day at school.  His frustrations turned inward and were rotting away the sweet bright curious little boy we knew.


THANK YOU is simply not sufficient.  We will always cherish you.  you helped D. not only learn to read and write with ease, you helped him to find an inner strength.


You work through a magical, healing place using your heart and your brilliant mind.


     M and D  (Belmont, MA)

June, 2016

Dear Susan,

    You are an angel from the heavens!  Your patience, gentle manner and amazing ability to find the best way to teach a concept have transformed C’s view of herself and her last few years at school.  Thank you for your priceless support of her.  She and I will miss seeing you on a regular basis but will keep in touch!  Many, many thanks!


C....  (Lexington,MA)